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The one stop shop for all your custom paint needs.

Tropical Glitz is a business located in Hialeah,FL.

All profits go to pay for my son, Manny's physical therapy. Manny was born paralyzed, but with intense therapies, my son has gained some sensation below his chest. Unfortunately, this form of physical therapy is not covered by insurance, so I decided to build this company for him. All profits go to pay for Manny's physical therapy and medical needs with the hope to one day find a cure for paralysis.

Bringing the thinnest and brightest flakes to the Kustom world, where quality is #1. Growing up, I was always attracted to cars and had a passion for colors. In my teenage years, I started painting Kustom cars and lowriders. I quickly noticed the amount of clear needed to bury metal flakes. The flakes I sell are the thinnest in the market and they will save you time and money when it comes to the amount of clear you will need. The flakes are made of Polyester to give you an amazing glimmer and shine. With a dream and a need to change the industry, I started Tropical Glitz. As a painter, everything I sell has been tested, painted, and carefully scrutinized by me. 

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