Dirty Wizard Flakes

Dirty Wizard Flakes

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Dirty Wizard flakes is a amazing inspiration from no one else but Smurf the Dirty wizard with is amazing paint work out of his shop Dirty wizard paint worx located in Alabama. It was a no brainier to team up with this magical dirty Wizard and create this amazing blend of flakes and magic...

The secret recipe for these flakes our something to die for.

This easiest description or comparison would be the Sparkle and beautiful shine of a diamond.

Putting dirty Wizard flakes under your candy will give you an amazing burst of color Rich brightness and reflection.

Check out @SmurphTheDirtyWizard on Instagram for all of his great work with Dirty wizard flakes

Or email him or Call him for all your Kustom Paint needs at 
DirtyWizardPaintWorx@gmail.com or (205) 368-4800

All proceeds from flakes go to pay for my son medical needs. @Help_Manny_Walk

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